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Our Staff





Mr Neenan  Headteacher
Mrs Chapman  Deputy Headteacher
Miss Edmunds  Assistant Headteacher / Reception Class Teacher
Mr Shanahan  Assistant Headteacher / Y5 Class Teacher
Mrs Kavanagh  Y6 Class Teacher
Miss Simmonds  Y4 Class Teacher
Miss Nightingale  Y3 Class Teacher
Miss Doody  Y2 Class Teacher
Miss Rackham  Y1 Class Teacher
Mrs Andrews  Nursery Teacher
Mrs Berry  Teaching Support
Mrs Hartshorn  Teaching Support
Miss McNally  Teaching Support / Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Morrall-Garfield  Teaching Support
Mrs Nokes  Teaching Support
Miss Redfern  Teaching Support
Miss Reece-Powell  Teaching Support
Miss Vowles  Teaching Support / Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Potter  Office Manager
Mrs Willis  Office Administrator
Mr Brown  Site Manager
Mrs Lal  Site Staff
Mrs Kaur  Site Staff
Mrs Carroll  School Cook
Mrs Maszota  Kitchen Assistant
Mr Brown  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Hartshorn  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Niblett  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Pallett  Lunchtime Supervisor

 N.B. All of our teaching support staff assist with playtime and lunchtime supervision.