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Healthy Lifestyles

On Friday 10th March, we had a whole school PSHE day based around the theme of ‘healthy lifestyles’. This was an excellent day and the children enjoyed participating in a range of activities.

Reception learnt about the importance of eating healthy and created a shopping list of healthy foods.  Year One learnt about the importance of 5 a day and learnt a fantastic song about eating a greater quantity of healthy food and a smaller quantity of unhealthy food. Year Two learnt about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and created an information page encouraging other to do so too! They also created a healthy menu using their knowledge and understanding of the eat well plate.

Year Three learnt about what triggers different emotions and identified strategies that can help overcome these emotions. They created an ‘emotions toolkit’ which reminds them of the things that they can do to relax themselves. Year Four learnt about the dangers of smoking and created posters to raise awareness of these dangers. 

Year Five learnt about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and researched the amount of calories in a selection of foods. They then began to look at the amount of calories burnt during difference exercises and create a healthy eating/exercise plan.  Year Six learnt about how exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle and monitored their pulse rate before and after a range of activities. They also learnt about the impact exercise has on our heart.  They then completed a food diary for their day so far and calculated what their plate would look like in the form of a pie chart.

We then had a ‘sharing’ assembly at the end of the school day where pupil’s had the opportunity to share their learning with the rest of the school. We have learnt lots about how we can maintain a healthy lifestyle!