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Democracy Day!

Democracy Day

On Friday 20th September we learned about democracy and what it means in Britain today. 

In Reception we learned that our new Prime minister is Theresa May and she works in London  at the houses of Parliament and  lives at number 10 downing street. We painted pictures of Theresa May and the houses of Parliament.

In year one we talked about voting being a democratic process. We wrote letters to Theresa May to explain why our school was so fantastic! Then we voted for our favourite things and created a bar chart. 

In Year two  We learned about how Parliament are elected and what they do when they are in power for us in Great Britain today. 

In Year Three we  held our own debates. We talked about the house of commons - where laws get discussed. We learned that debating isn't about arguing and shouting but listening and talking  things thorough. 

In Year four we looked at representation- We know that the UK government represents us. We talked about what does a representative  need to do and what does that mean. 

In year Five we discussed the change of the voting process and learned about the suffragette and votes for women campaign in the C20th. We learned that the democatic process that we are able to see in modern Britain was not always that way. It also highlighted that we should be thankful for the opportunities that we now have. 

In year six we Learned about the MagnaCarta and what it represented. 

By the end of the day we were able to share the results of out new school councilors and house captains!

The elected school councillors were as follows:

Year Two: Jack and Orlaith 

Year Three: Alfie and Julia

Year Four: Eva and Dylan 

Year Five: Lola and Joseph 

Year Six: Joe and Scarlett

Our school councillors will be meeting very soon and will be ready to take  your ideas on board and discuss them at the next school council meeting. 

We also voted for our house captains  from Year 6

Representing Campion: Niall and Sheanie 

Representing Clitherow: Lola and Callum

Representing Fisher: Fallon  and Joshua 

Representing More:   Evan and Clare

Congratulations to all our  house captains- We look forward to your next house assemblies!