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Help for Families

The St Vincent de Paul society in the parish of Holy Name have asked for this information to be shared with our families:

The aim of our society is to seek and find those in need and provide them with practical support and friendship in a spirit of justice, while tackling the causes of poverty. The help we give is not limited to Catholic families - poverty, loneliness and the need to share problems are as urgent and relevant to all communities in Great Barr just as they are in the rest of the country.


The help we can give covers all aspects of daily life. We have been providing families within the parish with food bags every fortnight for the past three years and we can provide access to the local foodbank if that is required. We are able to help parents, and guardians, with the purchase of school uniforms and associated items such as shoes and P.E. Kit. When the weather turns cold, we can also help to provide winter coats. Families have also been provided a family with bedding, electrical white goods such as washing machines and energy bills.


Firstly, everything we do is confidential and is not shared with others. Secondly, we do not give anyone money, all purchases are made by ourselves on behalf of our beneficiaries. Thirdly, we cannot help everybody consequently it is necessary for us to be able to talk face to face to those requiring help so that we can build a relationship with them for when further help may be needed.

To access this help, please contact the Parish Office, and leave your name and contact telephone number and ask for the SVP to contact you. The SVP will then take it from there:


Parish Office:          0121 357 1351