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Advent Journey

Our Gospel Journey during Advent

December Assemblies in brief

This weekly journey of preparation will encourage children to get themselves ready to respond, share and worship. You will find links below to where you can read the Gospels and some prompt questions that you might like to explore further with your child/ren.

Witness to the Light: Ready to Respond

w/c 4th December

Every year we know that we celebrate Jesus' birthday on 25th December, but we don’t know when He will come again so, like Mary, we must always have ready hearts for Jesus! This, the first of the Advent assemblies, explores Mary’s witness to the light and encourages children to follow her example.

Mark 13:33-37

● The Gospel tells us to ‘stay awake’ and make sure we are ready. In this assembly, children learn that just as Mary said ‘Yes’ to God, we too are called to be open to God in our hearts and respond through our words and actions.

w/c 11th December


John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus and announces that Jesus is more powerful. Advent is a time for getting ready for us to prepare the way for Jesus. Will we be ready to announce His arrival, like the angels on Christmas Day?

Mark 1:1-8

●  In the Gospel, John the Baptist invited people to confess their sins and start again, ready to welcome Jesus. If you have a child in KS2, this might be a good opportunity to talk about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and perhaps make plans to receive the Sacrament during Advent.


w/c 18th December

John the Baptist is an important witness who helps others to believe that Jesus is the long-awaited Christ. Will you be ready to believe, and worship Jesus this Christmas like the shepherds and the kings?

John 1:6-8,19-28

● In his Gospel, John describes John the Baptist as a witness to the light, sent by God so that through him everyone will believe. We can trust John and other witnesses from the Bible because they saw Jesus and knew Him. You might want to ask your child(ren) to talk about what they know and believe about Jesus and who they trust to help them learn about their faith.

●  Ask your child(ren) to recall some names and titles of Jesus that tell us more about Him e.g. Son of God, Saviour of the World.